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GMe Workshop 2006

GMe Workshop 2006

The GMe Workshop 2006 takes place as part of the Vienna-Tec 2006 on Friday, October 13, 2006, at the Reed Messe Wien, Messeplatz 1, 1021 Vienna.

The "GMe Workshop 2006" is the 16th in a series of GMe seminars held every other year since 1977. At the GMe Workshop, the university institutes that receive financial support through the GMe present the results of their research in the fields of micro- and nanoelectronics. The focus of this year's seminar will be on optoelectronics, particularly in the infrared region, and on nanowires.

Two invited speakers from renowned research laboratories will present the current state of the art in the above focal areas. Selected speakers from the GMe supported university institutes will report on the current state of their research work in the areas of micro- and nanotechnology. In a poster session, the university groups will give a comprehensive overview over their current work.



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