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Tagungsband "GMe-Forum 2005", Wien, 2005
  PDF version GMe Forum 2005 - Proceedings of the Seminar at the Vienna University of Technology (indexed PDF file, 12.6 MBytes!)
  PDF version GMe Forum 2005 - Proceedings of the Seminar at the Vienna University of Technology (print master PDF file, 13 MBytes!)
  PDF version GMe Forum 2005 - Abstracts of the Invited Presentations (PDF file, 160 KBytes)
  PDF version GMe Forum 2005 - Abstracts of the Poster Presentations (PDF file, 800 KBytes)
  General Information
  PDF version E. Gornik, K. Riedling: Preface
  PDF version Forum Program
  PDF version Poster Presentations
  PDF version List of Participants
  Nanoelectromechanical Systems
  PDF version Robert H. Blick: From Classical Mechanics to Quantum-Electro-Mechanics
  PDF version Christopher Hierold: MEMS and NEMS
  Micromachining with Femtosecond Lasers
  PDF version Andreas Isemann: Micromachining with Femtosecond Lasers
  PDF version Hans-Ulrich Dodt: Bioelectronics and Bioimaging - New Approaches for the Investigation of Brain Microcircuits
  PDF version Lambert Alff: Spintronics: A New Spin for the World of Electronics
  Carbon Nanotubes
  PDF version W. Hoenlein, F. Kreupl, G.S. Duesberg, A.P. Graham, M. Liebau, W. Pamler, R. Seidel, E. Unger: Carbon Nanotubes - A Successor to Silicon Technology?
  PDF version Rainer Minixhofer: Semiconductor Process Simulation
  PDF version Harald F. Okorn-Schmidt et al.: Using Extreme Sono-Effects to Improve on the Selectivity of Particle Removal to Microelectronic Structure Damage Below 65 nm
  PDF version A. Lugstein, E. Bertagnolli: A New Approach for the Formation of Size and Site Controlled Metallic Nano Dots Seeded by Focused Ion Beams
  Quantum Devices
  PDF version T. Müller, F.F. Schrey, G. Fasching, L. Rebohle, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer: Carrier Dynamics in Quantum Dots
  PDF version Kurt Hingerl: Photonic Crystals: Optical Materials for the 21st Century
  PDF version G. Springholz, T. Schwarzl, M. Böberl, W. Heiss, J. Fürst, H. Pascher: Continuous Wave Mid-Infrared IV-VI Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
  PDF version Daniel Rocha: Sensor Interface Electronics
  Opto-Electronics (Posters)
  PDF version E. Baumgartner, T. Schwarzl, G. Springholz, W. Heiss: Epitaxial Bragg Mirrors with Broad Omnidirectional Stop Band in the Mid-Infrared
  PDF version G. Fasching, R. Zobl, V. Tamosiunas, J. Ulrich, G. Strasser, K Unterrainer, R. Colombelli, C. Gmachl, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, F. Capasso: Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Operating in Magnetic Fields
  PDF version M. Grydlik, P. Rauter, T. Fromherz, G. Bauer, L. Diehl, C. Falub, G. Dehlinger, H. Sigg, D. Grützmacher: Resonator Fabrication for Cavity Enhanced, Tunable Si/Ge Quantum Cascade Detectors
  PDF version J. Roither, M. V. Kovalenko, S. Pichler, T. Schwarzl, W. Heiss: Nanocrystal Based Microcavity Light Emitting Devices
  PDF version M. Austerer, C. Pflügl, W. Schrenk, S. Golka, G. Strasser: Surface-Emitting Single-Mode Quantum Cascade Lasers
  Photonic Crystals (Posters)
  PDF version T. Glinsner, F. Isfahani, K. Hingerl: UV-Nanoimprinting - A Potential Method for the Fabrication of 3D-Photonic Crystals
  PDF version V. Rinnerbauer, J. Schermer, K. Hingerl: Polarization Splitting Based on Planar Photonic Crystals
  Spintronics (Posters)
  PDF version A. Bonanni, H. Przybylinska, A. Wolos, C. Simbrunner, H. Sitter, W. Jantsch, M. Kiecana, M. Sawicki, T. Dietl, P. Granitzer, K. Rumpf, H. Krenn: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of GaN:Fe
  PDF version D. Gruber, H. Malissa, G. Chen, D. Pachinger, H. Lichtenberger, T. Fromherz, F. Schäffler, G. Bauer, W. Jantsch, A. M. Tyryshkin, S. A. Lyon: High Mobility Si/SiGe Heterostructures for Spintronics Applications
  Quantum Dots (Posters)
  PDF version W. Brezna, T. Roch, G. Strasser, J. Smoliner: Quantitative Scanning Capacitance Spectroscopy on GaAs and InAs Quantum Dots
  PDF version G. Chen, H. Lichtenberger, G. Bauer, F. Schäffler: Self-Organization of Ripples and Islands with SiGe-MBE
  PDF version G. Fasching, F.F. Schrey, T. Müller, K. Unterrainer, W. Brezna, M. Austerer, T. Roch, M.A. Andrews, J. Smoliner, G. Strasser: Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Single InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
  PDF version G. Pillwein, T. Berer, G. Brunthaler, F. Schäffler, G. Strasser: Lateral Quantum Dots in High Mobility Heterostructures
  PDF version M. Schramböck, W. Schrenk, T. Roch, A. M. Andrews, M. Austerer, G. Strasser: Self Organized InAs Quantum Dot Arrays on Patterned GaAs Substrates
  PDF version F.F. Schrey, G. Fasching, T. Müller, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer: Ultrafast Intersublevel Spectroscopy of Quantum Dot Ensembles and Single Quantum Dots
  PDF version J. Stangl, J. Novak, E. Wintersberger, V. Holy, G. Bauer: X-Ray Diffraction from a SiGe Island Quasicrystal
  Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy (Posters)
  PDF version D. Rakoczy, G. Strasser, J. Smoliner: Cross-Sectional Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy for Schottky Barrier Height Profiling on Heterostructures
  Organic Semiconductors (Posters)
  PDF version Th. B. Singh, N. Marjanovic, G. J. Matt, S. Günes, N. S. Sariciftci, A. Montaigne Ramil, A. Andreev, H. Sitter, R. Schwödiauer, S. Bauer: High-Mobility n-Channel Organic Field Effect Transistors based on Epitaxially Grown C60 Films
  ESD Protection (Posters)
  PDF version V. Dubec, S. Bychikhin, M. Blaho, M. Heer, D. Pogany, E. Gornik, M. Denison, M. Stecher, G. Groos: Thermal Imaging at Multiple Time Instants for Study of Self-Heating and ESD Phenomena
  PDF version J. Kuzmík, M. Blaho, S. Bychikhin, D. Pogany, E. Gornik, P. Javorka, P. Kordos: Degradation Mechanisms in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs under Electrostatic Overstress
  Electron and Ion Beam Processes (Posters)
  PDF version M. Fischer, J. Gottsbachner, S. Müller, W. Brezna, H.D. Wanzenboeck: Direct-Write Deposition Utilizing a Focused Electron Beam
  PDF version A. Lugstein, E. Bertagnolli: A New Approach for the Formation of Size and Site Controlled Metallic Nano Dots Seeded by Focused Ion Beams
  Plasma Processing (Posters)
  PDF version S. Golka, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser: Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching of GaN
  Sensors and Sensor Technology (Posters)
  PDF version R. Beigelbeck, B. Jakoby: Analytical 3D Hydrodynamical Analysis of Spurious Compressional Wave Excitation by Microacoustic TSM Liquid Sensors
  PDF version F. Keplinger, R. Beigelbeck, F. Kohl, P. Loschmidt: Simultaneous Measurement of Two Magnetic Field Components Using a Single U-Shaped MEM Cantilever Device
  PDF version J. Kuntner, R. Chabicovsky, B. Jakoby: Oil Condition Monitoring Using a Thermal Conductivity Sensor
  PDF version M. Mündlein, R. Chabicovsky, J. Nicolics, B. Valentin, P. Svasek, E. Svasek, T. Komeda, H. Funakubo, T. Nagashima, M. Itoh: Microsensor for the Measurement of the Transepidermal Water Loss of Human Skin
  PDF version J.H. Nieuwenhuis, P. Svasek, P.M. Sarro, M.J. Vellekoop: Particle Discrimination with an Improved Projection Cytometer
  PDF version P. Svasek, E. Svasek, B. Lendl, M. Vellekoop: SU-8-Based Fluidic Devices