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Tagungsband "GMe Workshop 2006"
  PDF version GMe Workshop 2006 - Proceedings (indexed file, 5.9 MBytes!)
  General Information
  PDF version E. Gornik, K. Riedling: Preface
  PDF version Workshop Program
  PDF version Poster Presentations
  PDF version List of Participants
  Optoelectronics (Talks)
  PDF version K. Eberl: GaAs based High Power Laser Diodes from Lumics
  PDF version M. Böberl, M. Kovalenko, J. Roither, T. Fromherz, G. Springholz, W. Heiss: Narrow-Band Lead Salt Photodetectors and Solution-Processible Nanocrystal Photodetectors for the Midinfrared
  PDF version F.F. Schrey, G. Fasching, T. Müller, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer: Ultrafast Spectroscopy of QD Structures for Mid-Infrared Applications
  Nanowires and Quantum Dots (Talks)
  PDF version A. Lugstein, C. Schöndorfer, E. Bertagnolli: Synthesis of Nanowires in Room Temperature Ambient with Focused Ion Beams
  PDF version G. Chen, H. Lichtenberger, G. Bauer, F. Schäffler and W. Jantsch: Ordering of Strained Ge Islands on Prepatterned Si(001) Substrates: Morphological Evolution and Nucleation Mechanisms
  Sensors (Talks)
  PDF version S. Kostner, M. J. Vellekoop: On-chip Cytometric Detection of Single Biological Cells Using Integrated Photodiodes
  Optoelectronics (Posters)
  PDF version S. Golka, G. Pozzovivo, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser, C. Skierbiszewski, M. Siekacz, I. Grzegory, S. Porowski: Dislocation-Free GaN/AlGaN Double-Barrier Diodes Grown on Bulk GaN
  PDF version M. Austerer, S. Schartner, M. Nobile, W. Schrenk, A. M. Andrews, T. Roch, G. Strasser: Second-Harmonic Emission from Quantum Cascade Lasers
  PDF version S. Schartner, M. Austerer, M. Nobile, S. Golka A. M. Andrews, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser: Far Field Investigations on Quantum Cascade Lasers
  PDF version A.M. Andrews, T. Roch, A. Benz, G. Fasching, W. Schrenk, K. Unterrainer, G. Strasser: Optimization of MBE Growth Parameters for GaAs-based THz Quantum Cascade Lasers
  PDF version T. Gebhard, P.L. Souza, F.F. Schrey, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer, M.P. Pires, S.M. Landi, J.M. Villas-Boas, N. Studart: Polarization Dependence of Photocurrent in Quantum-Dot Infrared Photodetectors
  PDF version R. Holly, K. Hingerl: Fabrication of Silicon Vertical Taper Structures for Fiber to Chip Coupler by KOH Anisotropic Etching
  PDF version S. Pichler, J. Roither, M. V. Kovalenko, W. Heiss, P. Feychuk, O. Panchuk: Two and One Dimensional Light Propagation in Layer-by-Layer Deposited Colloidal Nanocrystal Waveguides
  PDF version M. Simma, D. Lugovyy, T. Fromherz, G. Springholz, G. Bauer: Strain Induced Modifications of Optoelectronic Properties of PbSe Nanostructures
  Analytic Methods (Posters)
  PDF version S. Özcan, T. Roch, G. Strasser, J. Smoliner, R. Franke ,T. Fritz: Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy/Spectroscopy on Au/Titanylphthalocyanine/GaAs Heterostructures
  PDF version C. Simbrunner, K. Schmidegg, A. Bonanni, A. Kharchenko, J. Bethke, K. Lischka, H. Sitter: In-situ X-Ray Diffraction during MOCVD of III-Nitrides: an Optimized Evaluation Algorithm
  Technology (Posters)
  PDF version S. Abermann, G. Sjoblom, J. Efavi, M. Lemme, J. Olsson, E. Bertagnolli: Comparative Study on the Impact of TiN and Mo Metal Gates on MOCVD-Grown HfO2 and ZrO2 High-k Dielectrics for CMOS Technology
  PDF version K. Forberich, T. Fromherz, K.Hingerl, M. Morana, C.Brabec: Structuring of Organic Semiconductors by Optical Lithography
  Nanodots, Nanowires, and Nanocrystals (Posters)
  PDF version C. Schöndorfer, A. Lugstein, E. Bertagnolli: Focused Ion Beam Induced Nanodot, Nanocrystal and Nanofiber Growth
  PDF version M. Niedermayr, G. Pillwein, W. Heiss, G. Brunthaler: Fabrication of Narrow Split Contacts for Nanocrystal Investigations
  PDF version B. Mandl, J. Stangl, M. Brehm, T. Fromherz, G. Bauer: Au-free Epitaxial Growth of InAs1-xPx Nanowires
  Si/SiGe (Posters)
  PDF version D. Pachinger, H. Lichtenberger, F. Schäffler: Stranski-Krastanov Growth of Tensely Strained Si on Ge (001) Substrates
  PDF version T. Berer, D. Pachinger, G. Pillwein, M. Mühlberger, H. Lichtenberger, G. Brunthaler, F. Schäffler: Lateral Quantum Dot in Si/SiGe Realized by a Schottky Split-Gate Technique
  Sensor Systems (Posters)
  PDF version G. Hairer, M.H. Mansfeld, C. Nöhammer, M.J. Vellekoop: PCR Microsystem for Fast Cycling
  PDF version A. Jachimowicz, J. Schalko, J. Kuntner, F. Kohl, B. Jakoby: Bridge-Based Microsensor for Determining the Thermal Properties of Liquids
  PDF version C. Riesch, E. Reichel, F. Keplinger, B. Jakoby: Measurement of Liquid Properties with Resonant Cantilevers
  PDF version F. Keplinger, J. Kuntner, A. Jachimowicz, F. Kohl: Sensitive Measurement of Flow Velocity and Flow Direction Using a Circular Thermistor Array